Why Waste Time on Customer Surveys?

Customer satisfaction is a crucial aspect of a business’ success that is often overlooked. Some owners simply do not take the time or effort to find out their customer’s level of satisfaction. They may not know just how to get accurate feedback. Many business owners suspect that improvements need to be made in order to retain customers, yet aren’t sure of what exactly their customers are looking for.

Parts of a Customer Oriented Survey

The best way for a company to receive customer feedback is to ask. Questions are usually done through surveys. Surveys can be broken into 3 main parts that address a wide variety of questions.

1) Customer Satisfaction Questions

* How satisfied are you with the product or service that you have purchased?
* How satisfied are you with the customer service that you received?
* How satisfied are you with our company?
* How satisfied are you with our inventory?
* How satisfied are you with our prices?

obtaining feedback from customer surveys2) Customer Loyalty Questions

* How likely are you to return to our store?
* How likely are you to purchase another product from us?
* How likely are you to dine here again?
* How likely are you to recommend our company to a friend?
* How likely are you to recommend our products/services to a friend?

3) Improvement Questions

* If you feel there are areas that need improved, please leave any additional feedback, comments, or concerns in this box.

User Friendly Surveys

When creating a survey, you can use the three above types of questions to receive numerical ratings and open ended opinions. However, be sure to follow these key tips for creating a user friendly survey:

* Use simple rating scales such as 1-10.
* Keep the survey brief. Asking 10 well thought out questions is better than 50 redundant questions that will frustrate and annoy the participant.
* Use clear, everyday language to avoid confusing the participant.
* Use an open ended question after the rating question to allow the participant to specifically address why they rated your products a 3.

Survey Structure

The structure of your survey can affect your results. Surveys generally take between 5-10 minutes. Longer surveys may yield inaccurate results as the participant loses focus near the end. Surveys that only utilize rating scales do not offer participants the option to voice their specific suggestions. Be sure to structure your survey in a way that is user friendly and will allow you to compile a wide range of feedback.

Importance of Taking Surveys

Consumers are likely to discuss businesses with their friends, coworkers, and family members. They may complain about the long lines or discontinuation of a specific service. However, these same consumers will most likely not voice these opinions to you unless they are specifically asked.

If you know your company is ready to implement changes that will improve customer experience, compiled survey results will offer opinions and feedback. How you respond and react to these suggestions can make all the difference in your business’ success.

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