Benefits of Working with Andrew Jensen & Sozo Firm

Hesitant to work with a small consulting group such as Sozo Firm? Here are a few good reasons:

1. As a client, you always have ready access to the principal consultant, Andrew Jensen.

2. Our overhead is low, a fact which is reflected in our fees.

3. We are immediately responsive. Andrew is accessible virtually 24/7 to clients by cell phone or email. (Daytime calls are always preferred, of course!)

4. Our approach is tailored to your company’s specific needs. Your unique situation requires more than just a prepackaged strategy.

5. Your priorities won’t be lost in a sea of other clients. We only take on a few primary clients simultaneously, in order to ensure we give each the focus they deserve. We also never work with our clients’ direct competitors at any given time.

6. We will readily sign non-disclosure or non-compete agreements.

7. The small size of our staff means lower travel, administrative, and support expenses when working on your project.

8. We aim to form mutually beneficial relationships with all our clients, each of whom is highly important to us. Neither you nor we can afford an incompatible partner or a poorly implemented or delivered project. We will strive to see you succeed; your success is ours. We rely on repeat business and referrals from clients.

9. Quantity and size are not as important to us as value and results are. At the end of the day, the outcome of a project is all that really matters. As a small consulting firm, we seek to be as least-disruptive to your ongoing operations as possible, while obtaining the same project results.

Reviews of Andrew Jensen & the Sozo Firm Team

“Your work started us off as professional and helped set the stage for what transpired.” – a State Senator

“We have been extremely pleased with the results we’ve achieved as Sozo Firm and Andrew Jensen have guided us. Andrew’s knowledge is extensive and current, and he remained totally focused on [our company’s] best interests throughout this process. Implementing Andrew’s recommendations has produced remarkable results, and he has helped us develop a comprehensive strategy to maintain and improve going forward.” – Chief Executive Officer of a technology corporation

“Over time, Sozo has become more than our consultant – they have become an invaluable business partner, providing guidance on topics ranging from technical issues to overall strategic direction. They are experts in their field and work with a great deal of professionalism and responsiveness.” – an Entrepreneur

“Andrew set up a structured engagement to both monitor our marketplace and help us understand what we needed to be doing to optimize our outcomes. He has been very responsive to questions or in setting meetings to discuss the materials he provides on a regular basis. Even when we get busy, Andrew continues to provide regular insights that teach us not only what to be doing, but how to structure our new growth activities for the future.” – Vice President of Marketing for an educational technology corporation

“Andrew Jensen and Sozo Firm provide outstanding customer service, superior technical skills, and maximum efficiency. Throw in integrity and honesty, and Sozo Firm is the answer!” – Executive Director of a non profit organization

“Andrew has dramatically influenced the growth of [our company]. The Sozo approach has been both professional and effective.” – Chief Operating Officer of a startup company

“Sozo Firm came through with flying colors.” – President of a marketing agency

“Andrew and his team at Sozo reviewed our marketing campaigns and suggested changes that dramatically improved our marketing ROI.  They have been a valuable resource for both technical and practical advice to maximize our presence.” – President of a manufacturing company

“Andrew understands our needs and vision. The most comforting feeling is knowing we have an expert on our side… an expert team that is refreshingly responsive and precise with their actions. With most of our business partnerships being virtual, we rely on trust to make sure at the end of the day the job gets done. Sozo Firm does exactly that!” – Chief Executive Officer of a promotional products company

“We especially appreciated the firm’s working flexibly to develop a solution that provided incredible value to us. We look forward to working with Sozo Firm in the future and will not consider anyone else. Working with Sozo Firm was an absolute pleasure and I highly recommend their services to anyone.” – Chief Executive Officer of a technology company

“You need someone who knows what they’re doing – someone who studies what works, keeps up with changes in the industry, and someone who has proven results.” – President of a marketing agency

“One of the great things that I like about working with Andrew is his willingness to address any problem or situation right away. You can’t help but feel that he is on your team, and looking out for your well being. Give him a try and he will prove that he can help with your success.” – President of a construction company

“Andrew has a heart that goes beyond business as usual. He takes and makes time to understand the needs of his client. The service he offers is done in a very intuitive and creative way, because he knows the challenges human service agencies face, due to his extensive and varied professional career. His expertise is an asset that we value and from which we have benefited.” – Executive Director of a non profit organization