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If you offer specialty business consulting services or are a business efficiency/performance consultant, please contact us through the online form at the bottom of this page.

Independent Business Efficiency Consultants Wanted

We receive many inquiries from companies and nonprofit organizations looking for specialty business consulting services, and we may be able to refer a project to you, hire you as a subcontractor, or have you work alongside us as a specialty consultant.

If you accept to receive referrals from Sozo Firm Inc and we refer a project to you which you secure, we request a 5% referral fee which is applicable toward your total earnings during the first 12 months with the new client.

Apply for Our Referral Program

To be considered for our referral program, please provide the following information:

• Current resume
• Three letters of reference
• Cover letter
• College & Grad School transcripts (unofficial is fine)
• Descriptions of three recent projects (within the last 5 years). While not required, including the following information for each of these projects would be very beneficial: contact information for the clients you served through these projects, permission for us to contact the clients, and letters of recommendation from those clients based on the services you provided.
• Your specialties in the realm of business consulting (specific types of business consulting you are skilled in and comfortable doing based on past experience and training)
• Your availability (are you currently working full time? do you have a very flexible schedule? can you travel several weeks at a time multiple times throughout the year?)
• Contact information (cell phone number, email address, mailing address, office phone number)
• Specific geographic areas which you are willing to service (we receive inquiries from all over the United States and some international inquiries)

The information above can be mailed to the following address:

Sozo Firm Inc
117 S Broad St
New Freedom, PA 17349

Or, you can submit it through the form below: