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Are you overwhelmed by the amount of data that you have to keep track of as a small business owner? Is your current organizational method of using post-it notes for everything just not cutting it anymore? Are you frustrated with having to tear apart your desk drawers to find the one corner of the one page in the one notebook where you wrote down something important like your software licensing information codes on?

We’ve got good news! There is a great new organizational tool out there called Safestacks. Safestacks started out as the brain child of Forge3’s Jeff Teschke, a business owner who, like you, was frustrated by the inefficiencies of his company’s organizational system. His new system did wonders for helping his business become more efficient, so he has decided to offer the use of the Safestacks system to everyone.

By creating an account on the Safestacks website, you can securely store all of the data that you need, from the password information for all of your different logins, to important computer and software data, to domain names, employee profiles and even your office’s wireless settings, all in one place. All of your business’s important information can be securely added to your business’s account on the website by filling out subject specific templates that are then categorized in several “collections.”  The result is that all of your important data is consolidated and securely stored in an easy-to-navigate outline format, so you know exactly where you need to go the next time you forget a password or need to check something on your software registration.

The great thing about is that it is fully customizable. You don’t have to stick to the six categories that come preloaded onto your account. You can add “collections” of information by choosing from the additional templates offered, such as Vendor Lists and Service Contracts, or you can start from scratch and make collections that are specific to your business’s needs. You can also set-up custom alerts that send you email reminders of important dates for things like subscription renewals and employee recognition. The site even offers a “dashboard,” which is your account homepage where you can check out recent activities within your account and easily access your “favorite items.”

Wondering about hosting your secret data away from your office? We’ve got great news. Your important information is securely stored via powerful encryption with only you holding the passcode necessary to unscramble your data.

Now, think about how much time you and your employees are currently wasting back-tracking and trying to find missing information that you need to complete daily tasks. By having all this information stored in one, easy to navigate format, you are taking steps towards making your business run more efficiently. And who doesn’t want an efficient business system?

Safestacks wants you to see what they can do for your business’s organizational process, which is why they are now offering a free 30 day trial of their services. Check it out for yourself at!

Do you offer a tool or program which might help businesses become more important? Contact us to let us know about it, and we might review it for our readers.

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