How to Measure Customer Satisfaction & Feedback

Customer satisfaction stands as the main objective for most successful businesses. However, many businesses simply sell their product or services and don’t truly measure customer satisfaction and feedback. One great way for businesses to receive accurate responses, customer feedback, and fresh insight is to offer customer service surveys.

There are several options available to introduce a survey to your customers. You could consider mailing brief surveys to customers on your mailing list. You could also consider calling customers and, with their permission, asking them brief questions. You may even consider having your cashiers ask about their shopping experience right at the check out. However, this method may be difficult to obtain accurate, written responses.

For most businesses, offering surveys online serves as a convenient, quick way for customers to leave feedback. Many retail stores and restaurants are printing receipts with links to customer satisfaction websites which allow consumers an opportunity to fill out a survey and offer their opinions.

Chances are if you shop at Wal-Mart, you have noticed information about survey sweepstakes on some of your receipts. Participants are entered into a sweepstakes for $1,000 Wal-Mart gift cards. Restaurants such as Arby’s and Wendy’s are now offering a free food item in exchange for participating in a brief online survey regarding their dining experience. Other retailers, such as JcPenney, offer a 15% off coupon for survey participation.

how are you measuring customer satisfaction?It is important to note that the promotional item, coupon, or sweepstakes is not affected by your responses. The retailer is not trying to bribe consumers to leave positive feedback in exchange for a free chicken sandwich. Rather, they are offering the promotional item as a token of appreciation for the consumer’s time and opinion.

Time is often the key for obtaining accurate results and feedback. Many of the aforementioned online surveys require the consumer to fill out the survey within two weeks. This ensures that the shopping or dining experience is fresh in their mind. Paper surveys may not arrive for several weeks, and consumers may neglect to fill them out right away. Because the shopping experience has become a distant memory, their responses will not be as accurate.

Surveys serve as a method for managers and owners to collect positive and negative feedback on their business, employees, products, or services. Many surveys will specifically question the employee’s performance. Some surveys will inquire about the store greeter, cashier, hostess, or servers. Many surveys will specifically question the meal or product that you purchased, along with the level of satisfaction.

Surveys generally take between 5-10 minutes for a consumer to fill out and allow an outlet for their general comments and concerns. Management will take survey results seriously and perhaps even use the feedback to implement changes.

A majority of the surveys will question how likely you are to recommend the business to a friend. This is the ultimate question that many owners find crucial to their business. A happy customer will tell two or three friends about your products or services. However, a dissatisfied customer will spread the word to ten or more. Many businesses are unaware of just how much damage a dissatisfied customer do.

If your business could benefit from customer feedback (and every business can) consider setting up online surveys. You may not be aware of situations or services that customers are dissatisfied with. However, an anonymous survey will yield answers and feedback that you can use to improve your business.

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