How to Handle an Upset Customer

As a business owner, you are well aware that despite your best efforts to deliver a quality product or service, you will have dissatisfied customers from time to time. Customer service representatives are often the victims of angry, frustrated customers that may use hurtful, offensive words to get their point across.

A customer service representative may quickly become offended, upset, and angry at the customer. They may not be specifically responsible for the customer’s issue, yet they are the ones left to resolve the issue.

How a customer service representative handles an angry customer can often mean the difference between losing a customer or keeping that customer’s business. At moments when tensions and emotions are running high, customer service reps must focus on the issue at hand in order to reach a resolution.

The customer service representative should listen to what the customer is saying and pinpoint the exact problem. The customer may be using profanity and distracting language. However, the quicker you determine the exact cause for frustration, the quicker you can reach a resolution.

how to effectively handle angry customers on the phoneOnce you have determined the customer’s exact problem, put yourself in their shoes. If the customer paid a considerable amount for a product that broke after the first use, you can probably relate to their frustrations. By empathizing with the customer, you can determine how you would want to be treated and have the situation handled.

Always assure the customer that you will find a way to handle the problem. Do not make promises that are unrealistic or you know that you cannot keep. Rather, apologize and promise to work toward a resolve.

Offer the customer explanations into what you are able to do, rather than what you cannot do. Don’t waste time blaming another employee or the customer. Rather, offer a feasible solution.

Once you have offered a solution that is satisfactory to the customer, you must now consider what needs to be done to prevent this from happening again. You should investigate what went wrong in the first place. Perhaps there is a factory defect in one of your products that needs to be addressed. By taking the time to investigate, you are preventing angry customers in the future.

Always do a follow up to ensure that the customer is satisfied. If you promised a replacement to be delivered within two days, follow up with the customer on the promised delivery day to be sure it arrived. By following up, you show that their business does matter. You are taking a genuine interest in their customer satisfaction.

Dealing with an angry customer can often be stressful and upsetting for a customer service representative. However, rest assured that, in most cases, the customer is not angry at you. They are simply angry at the product and taking out their frustrations over the phone. By listening, remaining calm, offering solutions, and performing follow ups, you can find the best solution that may prevent losing that customer.

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