How to Use Social Media to Grow Your Business

Businesses across the globe have discovered the marketing power of social media. Social media is an effective tool for not only growing your customer base and increasing name recognition of your company or product, but also in garnering existing customers’ loyalty. Facebook, Twitter, and company blogs have all proven extremely useful as integral components of […]

How Do Cellphones, Facebook, and Personal Email Affect Productivity at Work?

There’s no denying that technology has become an integral part of our lives, and the implications for businesses are numerous. On one hand, cellphones and the internet have revolutionized the way companies across the globe do business, and employees are more accessible (and therefore more productive) than ever before – at least in theory. The […]

Send the Right Message With Your Company Facebook and Twitter Accounts

Gaining popularity by the day, social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook are now being integrated into many business’ marketing and customer service strategies.  For example, Comcast, JetBlue, Southwest, Whole Foods, and Zappos are among the many businesses that now offer customer service support via Twitter.  On Twitter, JetBlue has an astonishing 1.6 million […]

Is Marketing Through Social Media a Waste of Time?

What exactly does your company’s advertising plan consist of? Do you send out monthly newsletters? Do you have your own TV commercial or radio station ad? Perhaps you have a billboard, sign, or bus advertisement. A company can (and should) advertise across a vast variety of mediums. However, in the past few years, online advertising […]