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theOS: Saving Companies Money Through Computer Monitoring Tactics

The Office Software (also abbreviated as theOS) is a computer program designed to help employers monitor employees’ internet usage in an attempt to increase productivity and put an end to the many potential dangers of internet misuse. The Office Software’s official website ( cites a number of statistics outlining the disadvantages of internet use at […]

E-Giving and How It Will Help Christian Ministries Be More Effective, led by George Eusterman, provides electronic recurring giving solutions for Christian ministries. While the “how” of Egiving may seem obvious, since most people make all kinds of payments through EFTs and websites, the “why” may be unclear. There are four key reasons truly is one of the best choices churches & other Christian […]

Organize Your Business Data with Safestacks

Are you overwhelmed by the amount of data that you have to keep track of as a small business owner? Is your current organizational method of using post-it notes for everything just not cutting it anymore? Are you frustrated with having to tear apart your desk drawers to find the one corner of the one […]