How to Really Get Things Done

Everyone wants to be more productive, but in the business world, increasing your productivity can actually have tangible rewards. Too many people find themselves straining under the pressure of expectations and deadlines, but success doesn’t have to be stressful. There are some very concrete steps you can take towards providing yourself with the motivation and […]

What Does Your Desk Look Like?

Disorganization and clutter in the work space account for a great deal of lost time, money, and productivity in a business each year. If you agree to any of the following statements, you may benefit from “de-cluttering” your office space: I typically have to move books or papers off of a chair to clear a […]

Can You Squeeze 32 Hours into 24?

Suppose you had the time to squeeze 32 hours of work into 24. Although agendas differentiate, statistics show that those ranging 16-25 years old have the ability to multitask to the highest degree. More specifically, those within such age bracket have the assets to squeeze 32 hours of work into 24. Suppose all of those […]

Organize Your Business Data with Safestacks

Are you overwhelmed by the amount of data that you have to keep track of as a small business owner? Is your current organizational method of using post-it notes for everything just not cutting it anymore? Are you frustrated with having to tear apart your desk drawers to find the one corner of the one […]

Save Time and Money by Organizing Your Desk

What does your office space, particularly your desk, look like? Are there piles of paperwork and mail stacked haphazardly around that overflow onto the floor and sometimes the client chair? Are there dozens of Post-it® notes stuck in random areas? Maybe there are a few books you are currently using for research. When a client […]