Tips for Managers on Giving Feedback to Employees

Giving employee feedback is considered by many managers to be one of the most difficult parts of their job, and many managers struggle with nearly every aspect of employee feedback, including when to give it, what types of activities warrant inclusion, how to deliver their message, and other specifics of the task. Because of this, […]

Developing a Policy for Employee Texting at Work

Years ago, employers’ biggest concern about communication during work hours involved employees using the business’s phone line to make expensive long distance phone calls on company time and with company money. However, the days of paying for long distance phone service have mostly gone the way of dial up internet connections and Facebook as solely […]

Tips for Overcoming the Winter Blues at Work

Winter time can be a challenging season for the office manager who has a vision to increase employee performance and overall productivity. Not only does winter seem to increase employee sick days through the colds, flu, and viruses which have perfected the cubicle hop, but winter’s coldness and decreased daylight result in an increase in […]

Understanding Performance-Based Pay

Performance-based pay is a great way to encourage motivation among employees. The compensation variations come in many forms, and each form will present a variety of benefits and challenges, depending on the structure of your company. Therefore, it may take some experimenting to determine which form of performance-based pay works most effectively for your business. […]

Which Absenteeism Policy is Right for Your Company?

There is no business owner who enjoys seeing chronic absenteeism patterning among his employees. Excessive employee absences are not only an inconvenience, but can also cost your company money in terms of lost labor or the need to hire a temp to cover the now vacant shift. While employee absences can never be completely eliminated, […]

How to Create a Culture of Trust Within Your Company

The importance of trust within a company is truly immeasurable. A culture of trust (also referred to as corporate culture of trust, although business cultures are certainly not limited to corporations) not only promotes a positive work environment, but it can also impact your company in more concrete ways. For example, a trusting workplace environment […]

Addressing Uncomfortable Personal Issues in the Workplace

There are certain personal issues you will probably never feel comfortable discussing with your employees. Whether the discussion involves problems with attitude, inappropriate dress, inadequate hygiene, or cultural misunderstandings, your first instinct may be to avoid the situation altogether. However, these issues can – and often do – have a real effect on the productivity […]

Motivating Employees With Participative Management

Participative management is defined as a management style in which leaders place emphasis on employees’ involvement in the management process. This management method is also known as employee involvement or participative decision making, and it presents many potential benefits to the companies that choose to encourage it. This is usually accomplished by providing employees with […]

Becoming a Better Negotiator (Part 2)

Negotiations are an essential component of doing business with other parties, and when your negotiating skills are well-developed, your chances of realizing mutually satisfactory deals are rather high. Although no two negotiation processes are alike, and the only certain way to become a skilled negotiator is through real life experience, the following general tips should […]

Becoming a Better Negotiator

As a business owner or high-ranking employee, learning to negotiate effectively in the business world is one of the most important skills you will ever need to employ. Successful negotiations often boast win-win outcomes and can benefit your company significantly, but if your negotiating skills are inadequate, you could be putting your business in serious […]