Increasing Profits

Suggestions for increasing your company's profits.

Is Performance Based Pay Practical for Your Company?

Over the years, many companies have attempted to implement performance based pay for employees. Some have been successful with the programs, while others have experienced utter failure. So what makes a performance based pay program work in some situations and not others? Research and real-world trial and error suggest that the success of a performance […]

How Office Lighting Affects Productivity

There are certain factors that everyone knows affect workplace productivity, but there is one important factor often overlooked by most employers across the globe: lighting. Sure, it’s common knowledge that reading in the dark can harm your eyes, but lighting has effects well beyond that, and an employer’s choice of lighting can have a significant […]

Increase Customer Satisfaction and Profit by Cross-Selling Products

You may just intend to walk into a store and purchase a pair of leather shoes. However, as you are checking out, the cashier says, “Do you need any leather conditioner to protect your shoes and prevent the leather from drying out?” Although you may not have thought about it, purchasing the leather conditioner with […]

Increase Sales and Customer Retention With Up-Selling Techniques

How can you quickly boost your profits with little to no effort or costs? Well, consider McDonald’s success with their “supersize” options. By simply adding six words to each order (Would you like to supersize that?), McDonald’s convinced millions of customers to spend an extra $0.60 for an extra large drink and French fry. Adding […]