When You Encounter the Feeling of “Been There, Done That” as an Entrepreneur

During the fourth stage of emotions that experts say most new entrepreneurs experience, you will adjust to having become used to your role as a business owner. As this happens, most entrepreneurs redefine themselves and their lives in terms of their business, and they accept that their company will be a part of their lives […]

Self-Doubt and Other Emotional Phases of Entrepreneurship

The third stage of emotions experts say most entrepreneurs experience during their business startup mirrors the first stage and the second stage in many ways in that there are both positive and negative moments. There are a number of negative emotions you can expect, but there are also many effective ways to cope with these […]

The Second Thoughts Phase of Entrepreneurial Emotions

Starting a business is a serious undertaking, but that doesn’t mean that it has to be a negative experience. The process of breaking out on your own is certainly a life-changing decision, and like any such decision, it will have its ups and downs. If you know what to expect, though, you can help to […]

The Emotions of Entrepreneurship: The Busy Phase

Starting your own business is one of the most emotional things you can do in your career. The ups and downs of such an undertaking can be astounding, and the emotions involved in a startup can test the commitment and resolve of even the most stubborn of entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurial experts claim that there are four […]

Coming to Terms With Money as an Entrepreneur

When it comes to starting a business, it’s hard to deny that money is one of the most important factors on most entrepreneurs’ minds. There are numerous other factors that impact an individual’s decision to start their own business, of course, such as the desire for independence and growth, but the question of money is […]

Layoff Victim Ronnie Fliss Makes Her Own Dream Job

When Ronnie Fliss’s job of over thirty years was suddenly eliminated, this former corporate businesswoman found herself at a loss for her next move. She was an IT specialist, and as a middle-aged woman, she knew that the chances of her landing one of the few IT jobs that hadn’t been outsourced were slim at […]

Entrepreneur Bobbi Brown & a Successful Cosmetic Company

Bobbi Brown discovered her passion for cosmetics during college, where she experimented with doing makeup for her school’s theatre department, college TV programs, and even her own friends. When Bobbi graduated college, she moved to New York to search for freelance work. Her methods were straightforward; oftentimes, she’d simply open the Yellow Pages and cold […]

Female Entrepreneur Cathy Kerns Turned a Life Changing Diagnosis Into a New Life

When Cathy Kerns, an experienced businesswoman in the corporate world, was unexpectedly diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) in the middle of her successful career, the initial results were devastating. Cathy’s old career meant traveling the world promoting her clients and boosting the success of high profile companies like Hard Rock Café, but when her symptoms […]

Entrepreneurial Example: Lisa Druxman & Stroller Strides

Lisa Druxman was already a successful businesswoman when she broke out on her own, but that doesn’t mean her experiences as an entrepreneur have to be that much different from yours. An avid fitness buff, Lisa had spent the twelve years up to her entrepreneurial adventure working in the fitness industry. Her weight management program […]