Do Tuition Reimbursement Programs Benefit the Employer?

Tuition reimbursement programs – agreements in which you (the employer) agrees to finance all or part of an employee’s post-secondary education – are one type of benefit that many employers choose to provide to their staff. But it can sometimes be difficult to decide whether or not a tuition reimbursement program is right for your […]

Should You Work More Than 40 Hours a Week?

Maximize efficiency and productivity at work by limiting yourself to reasonable hours. How long is your work week? Fifty hours? Sixty? Seventy? If you consistently work more than 40 hours a week (or are the manager of employees that do), it’s probably time for you to make a change. Overwhelming evidence suggests that work weeks […]

Holding Employees Accountable for Performance

Employee performance in the workplace is a subject that can be evaluated from a multitude of different standpoints, one of which is the importance of setting employee performance standards. Establishing standards for measuring employees’ performance allows you as the business manager to evaluate employees’ achievements and effectiveness and make the adjustments necessary to encourage an […]

Tips for Overcoming the Winter Blues at Work

Winter time can be a challenging season for the office manager who has a vision to increase employee performance and overall productivity. Not only does winter seem to increase employee sick days through the colds, flu, and viruses which have perfected the cubicle hop, but winter’s coldness and decreased daylight result in an increase in […]

Understanding Performance-Based Pay

Performance-based pay is a great way to encourage motivation among employees. The compensation variations come in many forms, and each form will present a variety of benefits and challenges, depending on the structure of your company. Therefore, it may take some experimenting to determine which form of performance-based pay works most effectively for your business. […]

Organizing Your Computer for Increased Productivity

We’ve all heard about the importance of getting organized. If everything is put properly in its own place, it’s much easier to locate items when you need them, which helps you to waste less time and maximize your productivity. But, while you’ve probably been taught how to properly organize your desk, you might still be […]

Which Absenteeism Policy is Right for Your Company?

There is no business owner who enjoys seeing chronic absenteeism patterning among his employees. Excessive employee absences are not only an inconvenience, but can also cost your company money in terms of lost labor or the need to hire a temp to cover the now vacant shift. While employee absences can never be completely eliminated, […]

theOS: Saving Companies Money Through Computer Monitoring Tactics

The Office Software (also abbreviated as theOS) is a computer program designed to help employers monitor employees’ internet usage in an attempt to increase productivity and put an end to the many potential dangers of internet misuse. The Office Software’s official website ( cites a number of statistics outlining the disadvantages of internet use at […]

How Do Cellphones, Facebook, and Personal Email Affect Productivity at Work?

There’s no denying that technology has become an integral part of our lives, and the implications for businesses are numerous. On one hand, cellphones and the internet have revolutionized the way companies across the globe do business, and employees are more accessible (and therefore more productive) than ever before – at least in theory. The […]

Addressing Uncomfortable Personal Issues in the Workplace

There are certain personal issues you will probably never feel comfortable discussing with your employees. Whether the discussion involves problems with attitude, inappropriate dress, inadequate hygiene, or cultural misunderstandings, your first instinct may be to avoid the situation altogether. However, these issues can – and often do – have a real effect on the productivity […]