How to Save Money on Business Postage

Although business owners have found numerous other places to cut costs, postage and shipping fees are one area that business owners have little control over. Sending out mail or packages is a necessary aspect of business for a majority of companies. However, for some, the rising cost of postage has them searching for cost cutting […]

Are Money Saving Measures Creating Travel Nightmares for Your Employees?

Many business associates are finding that the cost saving measures their company is implementing are actually creating travel nightmares for them. While the company may save $100 on a flight, the employee may be forced to fly at odd hours. The company may save $35, but the employee is forced to stuff his clothing (suit […]

Cutting Costs Without Cutting Jobs

During times of economic uncertainty and hardship, companies often reflexively resort to layoffs and downsizing to quickly cut costs and stay afloat, usually without realizing the very real and potentially high costs of reducing their workforce. Layoffs are useful in some circumstances and a natural part of the business cycle, but they bring their own […]

Saving Money By Importing Raw Materials

Maintaining competivity for your company while increasing your profit margin can only be accomplished if you are constantly on the lookout for innovative ways to save money while still producing a quality product.  One way a business can save a great deal of money is to purchase their raw materials internationally.  However, many business owners […]