Should You Outsource Your Customer Service Center?

With a recent focus on superior customer service, it is no surprise that large corporations are looking for ways to promptly handle thousands of customer inquiries on a daily basis. Although they all have the option of developing customer care call centers in the United States, many have decided to outsource their customer service overseas. […]

Stay Off Of This Year’s Naughty List With Reasonable Customer Service Policies

With the arrival of the holiday season just around the corner, consumers are flocking to stores and surfing the web for the best deals. In light of this, Consumer Reports has compiled their first ever naughty and nice list. Based on research from their in house reporters and editors, the list looks at specific customer […]

Ensure Customer Satisfaction During Black Friday Chaos

This season’s Black Friday shopping forecast warns for earlier than ever opening times, limited quantities of items specifically made for that day, price matching guarantees, and unheard of deals. With many consumers facing a limited budget, retailers are looking for the hottest ticket items to draw customers in. Because many stores depend on the after […]

How to Handle an Upset Customer

As a business owner, you are well aware that despite your best efforts to deliver a quality product or service, you will have dissatisfied customers from time to time. Customer service representatives are often the victims of angry, frustrated customers that may use hurtful, offensive words to get their point across. A customer service representative […]

5 Things Never to Say to a Customer

Your employees serve as the forefront of your business and usually deal with customers on a daily basis. Whether a customer enters your business, calls a customer service representative, or initiates an e-mail inquiry, your employee is responsible for handling the issue in a courteous and effective manner. Within one minute of speaking to your […]

Winning Customers Through Effective Telephone Etiquette

Although many businesses are now offering customer service via e-mails and online chat, telephone calls are still many business’ primary contact. For many customers, a telephone call to customer service is a relatively quick way to resolve any issues and also receive human interaction. For the business, it is a great way to warmly greet […]

Effectively Using Online Chat for Customer Service

For most customers, online shopping generally occurs after they’ve arrived home from work, cooked dinner, and can finally kick back. Unfortunately, customer service help lines that follow a Monday-Friday 8am-5pm business schedule are not available. If a customer is shopping at 9pm and has a specific question, what are their options? In some cases, the […]

The Benefits of Online Customer Service Communities

Online customer service and outreach programs are nowadays more or less required for any business aspiring to be competitive in the marketplace and attract more customers. Nearly every major retail or manufacturing company has a slate of online customer service tools and resources which facilitate interaction between customer and company. Many have adopted programs for […]

Why Waste Time on Customer Surveys?

Customer satisfaction is a crucial aspect of a business’ success that is often overlooked. Some owners simply do not take the time or effort to find out their customer’s level of satisfaction. They may not know just how to get accurate feedback. Many business owners suspect that improvements need to be made in order to […]

How to Measure Customer Satisfaction & Feedback

Customer satisfaction stands as the main objective for most successful businesses. However, many businesses simply sell their product or services and don’t truly measure customer satisfaction and feedback. One great way for businesses to receive accurate responses, customer feedback, and fresh insight is to offer customer service surveys.