How to Create a Culture of Trust Within Your Company

The importance of trust within a company is truly immeasurable. A culture of trust (also referred to as corporate culture of trust, although business cultures are certainly not limited to corporations) not only promotes a positive work environment, but it can also impact your company in more concrete ways. For example, a trusting workplace environment […]

How Do Cellphones, Facebook, and Personal Email Affect Productivity at Work?

There’s no denying that technology has become an integral part of our lives, and the implications for businesses are numerous. On one hand, cellphones and the internet have revolutionized the way companies across the globe do business, and employees are more accessible (and therefore more productive) than ever before – at least in theory. The […]

Addressing Uncomfortable Personal Issues in the Workplace

There are certain personal issues you will probably never feel comfortable discussing with your employees. Whether the discussion involves problems with attitude, inappropriate dress, inadequate hygiene, or cultural misunderstandings, your first instinct may be to avoid the situation altogether. However, these issues can – and often do – have a real effect on the productivity […]

Becoming a Better Negotiator (Part 2)

Negotiations are an essential component of doing business with other parties, and when your negotiating skills are well-developed, your chances of realizing mutually satisfactory deals are rather high. Although no two negotiation processes are alike, and the only certain way to become a skilled negotiator is through real life experience, the following general tips should […]

Becoming a Better Negotiator

As a business owner or high-ranking employee, learning to negotiate effectively in the business world is one of the most important skills you will ever need to employ. Successful negotiations often boast win-win outcomes and can benefit your company significantly, but if your negotiating skills are inadequate, you could be putting your business in serious […]

Show Your Customers That You Appreciate Their Business

For most businesses, customer retention is a number one priority.  Although you may offer the best prices and customer service support, how do you show your customers that you appreciate their business? Often times, the simplest things can mean the most to your customer.  Here are 5 cheap (or free), creative ways to show every […]

Increase Customer Satisfaction by Controlling Your Voice

“Thanks For Calling” is one simple sentence that so many customer service representatives are instructed to offer as a greeting or as a closing.  But simply telling your customer service representatives to say something is not enough.  You must also tell them how to say something. It takes 5-10 seconds for your customer to form […]

How to Turn a Mistake into a Loyal Customer

Imagine this: You’re a service provider, and you’ve made a mistake or encountered some unforeseen problem that has caused you to provide less than adequate service to a customer. Under normal circumstances, this could mean that you’ve lost that customer to a competitor forever. However, recovery is possible, and successfully recovering from a failure can […]

Create a Suggestion Box That Will Deliver Feedback From Your Employees

The dirty cardboard box with a jagged hole cut in the top is complete with the word “Suggestions” scribbled in thin, inconspicuous red ink. A closer inspection inside and one would notice that there are suggestions dating back 6 months lying near the bottom. In fact, one such suggestion simply reads “Does anybody ever look […]

How to Handle an Upset Customer

As a business owner, you are well aware that despite your best efforts to deliver a quality product or service, you will have dissatisfied customers from time to time. Customer service representatives are often the victims of angry, frustrated customers that may use hurtful, offensive words to get their point across. A customer service representative […]