Do Tuition Reimbursement Programs Benefit the Employer?

Tuition reimbursement programs – agreements in which you (the employer) agrees to finance all or part of an employee’s post-secondary education – are one type of benefit that many employers choose to provide to their staff. But it can sometimes be difficult to decide whether or not a tuition reimbursement program is right for your […]

How to Handle Employee Insubordination

Dealing with employees who don’t take your advice or listen to instructions Most managers and business owners have had the displeasure of dealing with an employee who failed to follow instructions, but even people who are experienced at the task still encounter difficulty with determining how to handle employee insubordination. It is necessary to address […]

5 Incredibly Easy Tips for Stopping Procrastination

Merriam-Webster defines procrastination like this: Procrastination: To put off intentionally and habitually. Everyone is guilty of the bad habit at one point or another, but some individuals are more guilty than others. People often procrastinate in order to avoid facing a situation, to put off making a decision, or because they “work best under pressure.” […]

Should You Work More Than 40 Hours a Week?

Maximize efficiency and productivity at work by limiting yourself to reasonable hours. How long is your work week? Fifty hours? Sixty? Seventy? If you consistently work more than 40 hours a week (or are the manager of employees that do), it’s probably time for you to make a change. Overwhelming evidence suggests that work weeks […]

Holding Employees Accountable for Performance

Employee performance in the workplace is a subject that can be evaluated from a multitude of different standpoints, one of which is the importance of setting employee performance standards. Establishing standards for measuring employees’ performance allows you as the business manager to evaluate employees’ achievements and effectiveness and make the adjustments necessary to encourage an […]

Alternatives to Layoffs

In times of economic crisis, many businesses find themselves facing the possibility of layoffs. They reason that the majority of their expenditures are in payroll, so logically, payroll should be the first area to face reductions. There are, however, hidden costs to layoffs, including severance packages and potential legal fees, as well as the future […]

Saving Money on Office Supplies

Companies are always searching for ways to save money, but drastic cost cutting measures should never be your first course of action. Instead, look to the little things to see how your business can become more financially responsible. Obviously, rationing pencils is not going single-handedly bring your business out of debt, but you’d be surprised […]

Creating a Positive Partnership Experience

Partnerships between businesses have the potential to be remarkably effective business ventures. However, if conditions aren’t right for a partnership, the agreement could not only fail to be mutually beneficial, but could also develop into something mutually destructive. There are some characteristics that are common among most successful partnerships, though, so if you’re considering a […]

When You Encounter the Feeling of “Been There, Done That” as an Entrepreneur

During the fourth stage of emotions that experts say most new entrepreneurs experience, you will adjust to having become used to your role as a business owner. As this happens, most entrepreneurs redefine themselves and their lives in terms of their business, and they accept that their company will be a part of their lives […]

Self-Doubt and Other Emotional Phases of Entrepreneurship

The third stage of emotions experts say most entrepreneurs experience during their business startup mirrors the first stage and the second stage in many ways in that there are both positive and negative moments. There are a number of negative emotions you can expect, but there are also many effective ways to cope with these […]