About Andrew Jensen

andrew jensenAs a business efficiency, marketing & performance expert, Andrew Jensen helps small to mid sized businesses, startup companies & nonprofit organizations thrive through developing and implementing business optimization strategies.

Serving clients nationwide, Andrew is based out of New Freedom, Pennsylvania (on the MD/PA line), which is about 30 minutes north of Baltimore, Maryland; 1.5 hours north of Washington, D.C.; 2 hours east of Wilmington, Delaware; and 1 hour south of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.


Media outlets turn to him for his perspective, and his business efficiency & customer service tips have been featured in numerous print & online publications, including U.S. News & World Report, CBS News, Times of India, Newsday, Men’s Health Magazine, American Express Open Forum, and Entrepreneur Magazine.

Public Speaking

He speaks at schools, universities and business events and is a business coach to local clients in the Baltimore, Harrisburg and York, PA regions.

Charitable Work

Andrew is actively involved with a number of nonprofit organizations nationwide, serving on several boards (including executive and advisory boards) and providing pro bono or greatly discounted services to several local non profit organizations each year. Sozo Firm Inc is an active financial supporter of several non profit organizations.

Business Efficiency Consulting

Andrew’s efficiency consulting addresses the entire scope of a business: its processes, customer service, management, employees, marketing, public relations, and communication.

“When a company hires me as a business improvement consultant, my goal is to immerse myself into the heart of that company and to examine every aspect I have access to, whether it is personnel, management, customer interaction, raw products, utilities, outside contractors, sales & marketing, equipment, office staff & procedures, communication, company history, or internal politics.

“While some companies hire me solely for cost cutting strategies, a trim budget does not equal increased profits nor greater productivity. Cost cutting should be viewed from the perspective of increasing value. Hastily making budget cuts to save money may merely result in decreased profits or a lower value attributed to a company, its workforce, its management, and its products & services.

“My goal with each client is steady improvement. Increased efficiency is useless unless accompanied by a corresponding increase in effectiveness.” – Andrew Jensen

For more information on Andrew’s services and to see if Andrew might be a good match for your particular project, please contact Andrew.

Strategic Internet Consulting

Andrew applies his business efficiency principles to a company’s investment into the World Wide Web. He provides internet strategy consulting with an emphasis on measuring user behavior and value as well as on optimization for a company’s overall search experience and online ad spend.

Andrew addresses internet advertising effectiveness (Google AdWords, Bing Ads, remarketing/retargeting, video/banner ads, etc.), website usability & advanced analytics, A/B split testing, competitive analysis, and search engine optimization.

Clients Served

Since founding Sozo Firm in 2004, Andrew has been traveling to clients throughout the United States providing one-on-one consultation (both on-site & virtual), business coaching, and group training sessions. He also travels internationally. Clients include Fortune 500 companies, a Forbes top 5, venture funded startups, small to mid sized businesses, and several hundred nonprofit organizations.

A small sampling of clients Andrew has advised includes the following (if you are looking for a list of references to contact, please contact Andrew for a list of specific names with contact information):

General Electric Stephen Case Fndn Datatel
Digital Sports Country Willow Schusterman Family Fndn
Three M Tool Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure College Connecting
Three Way Plumbing D.R. Hartman Construction University of Mobile
Project Assistants PhysioDC Home Automation Store
Tenney Group J Gibson McIlvain Company White’s Res & Family Serv
Wolf Organization Oakwood Equity Group Hendrick Manufacturing
Fresenius Patterson Adams Rehmeyer Wood Floors
D’Amico Electric Nicholas Insurance Agency New Creations Chapel
Rehmeyer Precision Millwork The Bedroom Source X10 (Authinx)
Millborn Seeds Symmetry Partners Thornton Auto

Andrew has a bachelors (’98) & masters (’01) degree and makes it a priority to keep abreast of advancements within his field. He relies on constant research as well as his background and experience as an entrepreneur, having begun numerous small businesses along with having served in management positions at several nonprofit & for profit organizations. He welcomes new challenges with each client he serves.

Andrew works regularly with a growing network of other independent business efficiency consultants serving a wide range of businesses throughout the United States and worldwide. Business consultants interested in assisting Andrew with projects or receiving referrals, please fill out our partner contact form.